Sunday, 25 May 2014


Well in my last post which you can read here if your too lazy to find it, i talked about insoles and footcare and how scholl is manipulating the searhce ngine rankings and coinidentally I have started to get foot pain.. ouch! Really not fair. Luckily though I know WHO NOT to buy soem insoles form now.

Writing this post really to ask for any advise anyone might have for helping stop foot cramps and pain.. I keep on getting it in my feet. Its gotten quite bad it has stopped me running too.. so need to get it sorted asap!
 My foot pain is around the ball of my foot.. I also keep on getting foot cramp when I move my toes.. tis quite bad. Iv had this for quite a while now and it is slowly getting worse and worse.. it is worse when I wake up.... my feet feel all tight and sore and I can give myself foot cramp on demand if I durl up my toes. Been doing my homework and it maybe that my metatarsal aint getting the right support they need... I presume that's the reason because my feet are flat and this effects the pronantion and how I leverage weight on my feet when I walk and my arches cannot properly support my weight well that's according to what I have read anyway on the net I need to get some metatarsal pads or arch supports. I really want to sort out the foot cramps because they are the worst thing.. Im not too sure what causes foot cramp but maybe some metatarsal pads which are meant to support the ball of the foot may stop them.. that is what I am hoping anyway. So metatarsal pads are probably what I need, these wont cost me too much but just another annoyance thought but hopefully it should help solve my problem.  Been looking around for some and think I will try these pads but first does anyone know any other good ones I can try or anything else which may help?

PS... sorry to bore you with all of this :D


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