Sunday, 25 May 2014

Google playing fair?

As you may or may not know google owns 69% of the internet search engine market share this generates them billions each year and makes them the biggest entity on the internet and the internet is become more and more a fundamental part of eCommerce. So google needs to play by the rules and make the search result fair (even if google ads are pushing down the real results and harming peoples businesses).. some people say that it is google business and search engine so can do what they like.. people who say this are fools. Google has responsibilities and must not break anti competitive rules set out to protect businesses and consumers.... However recently google has took action and penalized ebay another super giant on the internet.. and the apparent reason for this penalty according to some sources is that ebay stopped buying adwords so google deiced that they will penalize there site as a punishment and to hopefully stop other eCommerce giants dropping adwords as well (because of a Harvard business report that found that google adwords is a waste of money for bug business as it does not create new customers and is pointless which led ebay to drop adwords.. Harvard also said that amazon and walgreen other big spenders of adwords may choose to drop adwords.... this would have a huge impact on google business... so penalizing big sites that do may deter others from doing the same)


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