Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Football site got hacked

The hackers are getting worse. Only yesterday I spent all day working of a poor sports, football website that got hacked.. it had tons of really spammy hacked hidden pages being created and linked to which was really hurting its seo.

What has a sports website minding its own business do to anyone else? I would use some swear words hear to express my frustration and anger towards these hackers but I dont want to be banned from blogger.... What I will say is tht these hackers are the lowest of the low and because of their greed to game google... and pedal their illegal and dangerous fake pharmacy pills it has ruined this football website and destroyed its online presence.. probably forever. Even when I cleared up the site of all bad code it still had pages created with a query string in the url that wouldn't deliver a 404 page when visiting but wordpress would make it show a 200 status code and show the homepage content meaning all these bad spammy links pointing to these pages would still count against the sports site even when the bad stuff has been removed... I had to find a way to get rid of that query string with the htcaccess and let me tell you it was tough partly because I could find anything on google that told me how to do it (search results are just full of spam or irrelevant big sites now) and had to make up my own way.

Well the football site is back up and running now... lets hope it wont get hacked again by these pigs.


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