Sunday, 25 May 2014

google ignores paid link report

Scholl a well known foot care and insoles company who are worth billions have been buying links giving them a unfair advantage in the search results. Search engine use do follow links to determine the value and authority of a website and the better and more links a site has a higher up in the search results. Buying links that are do follow is a violation of search engines quality guidelines and means the site buying links get a un fair advantage above other sites. Despite scholl being one of the biggest footcare brands there website is spammy... and does not give the user what they are looking for... they do not sell insoles or footcare products actually on there website and are just spammy landing pages telling people in a couple of sentences about there products (which in my opinion aren't very good anyway).. there backlink profile is very spammy and obviously using a seo company to create mass spam forum links and comment links to further game the system but the biggest boost that they are getting is from channel 5.. with a sponsored do follow banner with the alt text "sponsored by scholl" pointing to a insoles product they sell... this paid link is found on multiple pages on channel 5 all of which have high page rank and thuis are boosting scholl up in the ranking for search terms such as insoles and arch support insoles....

You maybe wondering why I am annoyed by this so much well the reason is if all big company's with millions to spend on paid links did this then small businesses would simply get crushed in the search results and only those who could afford it can rank (then again with the growing number of ads on google pushing down the organic results it wont be long till this is the case). In my personal opinion there are tons better footcare and insoles brands that are not ranking and it is a real shame that this big brand who arent playing fairly are ranking high and not the good guys who deserve it. I have reported the site many months ago to google using their spam report tool but google has not taken any action whatsoever and it is clear to see by scholls back link profile with targeted spammy anchor texts from blog post comments nothing to do with insoles and very little valuable links and with the vast vast majority of their links coming from channel 5's paid link they do not derserve to be ranking where they are one bit!


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